We believe that being a Church is more than just meeting on Sundays; it's connecting with each other, encouraging one another and living life together; all to the Glory of God.  Getting connected is one of the best ways to meet new people, strengthen your relationship with God and flourish at the House of Worship Church. Take a moment and check out the connection area.

"Catch the Vision" Membership Class is a fun and engaging session hosted by the House of Worship Leadership Team. During this session, you will learn about the mission, identity, beliefs and the overall Vision of the House of Worship. 

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This class will benefit both the new believer and the seasoned christian. For some, this will be a time to learn and understand what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus. For others, it will be an encouraging review that increases your faith and ignites a fresh Fire within. 

( Off during the summer )

One of the best ways to get involved, grow in your faith and create community is to serve in the local church. There is no way that the House of Worship could exist without generous volunteers. Most of the positions are very easy to serve in, but critically important. There are tons of places to get involved and do something that you love: From greeting, children’s ministry, outreach, worship arts, sound team and so much more. 

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H.O.W Kids ministry exists to provide our youth with the opportunity to have fun and grow in their relationship with Jesus; while learning how to serve and worship God on their level.  Every Sunday the kids experience the Love & Grace of God.  They play, share & care for each other.  They pray and praise God.  Most importantly, they learn about Jesus!  

(Ages 1 to 10)

Marriage ministry exists to provide all the resources that couples need to have a strong, healthy, fulfilling and Godly marriage.  It is our desire for every married couple to be passionately in love while setting a great example for the next generation by serving God together.

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The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and inspire women from all walks of life.  It is our desire for every woman to understand and celebrate her God given purpose; while being reminded that she is unique, beautiful and invaluable.  

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The purpose of this ministry is to teach men how to walk in true biblical manhood. Our desire is for every man to be loving, caring, courageous, faithful, trustworthy and spiritually strong; so that he can have a significant impact at home, in Church and in his community.

Events & Sessions to be Announced

This ministry exists to empower, educate and inspire single individuals; to walk in their God given purpose.  Through fellowship groups, classes, conferences and other relevant events, we seek to equip every person that is single with the tools necessary to be successful in every area of life.  

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The House of Worship Church partners with (Mankato-CRU) for it's campus ministry.  

What is Cru? 

Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization that serves as a spiritual resource to college students.


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